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We're safer together...

REALTOR® Safe Harbor is a partnership between the Arkansas REALTORS® Association and Real Agent Guard™.

The concept is simple: agents need an easy way to meet with clients in a safe location. Often agents are asked to meet with clients who want to see a property far from their home office. REALTOR® Safe Harbor enables agents to find a safe location that is convenient for the agent and the client.

REALTOR® Safe Harbor locations have pledged to make their offices available for meeting with a new client.


REALTOR® Safe Harbor began at the Northwest Arkansas Board of REALTOR® as a way to assist REALTORS® in the region in finding safe locations to meet clients. The Arkansas REALTORS® Association quickly adopted the program at a state level. Since then, many other states have joined the program with more coming on every week. Currently, the following states are official partners:

  • Arkansas REALTORS® Association
  • California Association of REALTORS®
  • Georgia Association of REALTORS®
  • Hawai'i Association of REALTORS®
  • Idaho Association REALTORS®
  • Iowa Association REALTORS®
  • Louisiana REALTORS® Association
  • Central Mississippi REALTORS®
  • Missouri REALTORS® Association
  • Nebraska REALTORS® Association
  • New Jersey REALTORS® Association
  • Nevada Association of REALTORS®
  • Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®
  • Ohio Association of REALTORS®
  • Oregon Association of REALTORS®
  • South Carolina REALTORS®
  • Wyoming Association of REALTORS®


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