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We're safer together...

REALTOR® Safe Harbor is a partnership between the Central Mississippi REALTORS® Association and Real Agent Guard™.

The concept is simple: agents need an easy way to meet with clients in a safe location. Often agents are asked to meet with clients who want to see a property far from their home office. REALTOR® Safe Harbor enables agents to find a safe location that is convenient for the agent and the client.

REALTOR® Safe Harbor locations have pledged to make their offices available for meeting with a new client.

For Agents...

For agents, you can simply click the FIND link or download the apps for iOS or Android. Just search for "Realtor Safe Harbor" on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

For Affiliates...

To sign up your office as a Safe Harbor, simply Take the Pledge. Your office location will immediately be displayed on the Safe Harbor map.


REALTOR® Safe Harbor began at the Northwest Arkansas Board of REALTOR® as a way to assist REALTORS® in the region in finding safe locations to meet clients. The Arkansas REALTORS® Association quickly adopted the program at a state level. Since then, many other states and local boards have joined the program with more coming on every month.


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